Hermes and Hekate: divine problem solvers. One's the god of thieves; the other, the lady of the crossroads. They show up anywhere there's a deal to be closed, a bet to be laid, or a choice to be made. Now they will have to put their skills to use to find the stolen objects sacred to the gods of fertility and agriculture--without which humankind, and possibly the gods themselves are doomed. Part road trip, part mythology, the Hermes and Hekate Road Show takes the gods of ancient Greece, puts them on the back of a pair of motorcycles, and sets them loose on America's highways. Series 2 of the Hermes and Hekate Road Show is currently in production.





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The origins of the Hermes & Hekate Road Show

Have you heard the second episode yet? If not, it's available right here at, or find it on iTunes Podcasts. Episode 3 is coming soon!

Greek gods in the modern world is kind of a thing recently, and a few people have asked us: what's the origin of The Hermes & Hekate Road Show?

In 2007 the writers of this podcast were cast as Hermes and Hekate in a festival held every Easter weekend.  And during the course of the weekend, the running subject of conversation amongst the cast was:  What would each of the Olympians drive?

Sports cars, SUVs, and motorcycles topped the list. 

But it started us thinking.  What would happen if Hermes and Hekate were turned loose on the freeways of US and Canada?  Actively interacting with mortals along the way—or interfering, as the case may be.  We decided to write a series of short stories about the adventures of Hermes and Hekate set in the modern day.  We tossed many ideas around but nothing really started to come together until 2009.

Then we were tapped to write a festival script, the script took over our writing time, and again the Road Show ideas got shelved.

We finished the script, and revised it for the following year.  During some much needed non-script time, we decided to create a podcast.  We tossed around a few ideas and chose a story of epic proportions.  Full cast, sound effects, original music created and performed by local musicians all combined into a serialized old school radio drama.  We drafted a storyline and placed the action in a unique setting combining magic and mythos.

This is NOT that story. 

We realized that we were in way over our heads for a first try at a podcast.  So we looked again at the Hermes and Hekate ideas and ran with them.

It started out nearly twice its final length and had a huge cast of characters.  We fleshed it out and it grew and expanded beyond our original idea.

At this point we realized we had over extended ourselves again.  For those of you that know us, shocked faces.  We know.

So we edited the story and moved some of the characters to future seasons, should you all decide you like this craziness.  (Feedback please! And tell your friends!)

We called upon a few veteran festival performers and local actors to cast the show.  Our Mythical Spouses, so called because no one ever sees them but us, also stepped in—much of the show’s actual production and art is their work. 

We truly hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts.  We are trying to build a community with this project and we welcome the participation of those who feel the call to create modern mythology. 

Thank you for listening.

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